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What if Your Rotator Cuff Repair Fails?

January 29, 2012 by  
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rotator cuff repair fails If you thought surgery was your best option to repair your rotator cuff injury, think again.  Going under the knife to repair a torn rotator cuff does not guarantee a full recovery!

It is not uncommon for individuals who go down the long road of rotator cuff surgery and recovery to be disappointed with the outcome and results of their operation.  Many people think that once they go under the knife, they will be able to return to all sports or activities and compete at the same level as before!

This is not true!  In fact, many people will not get back the shoulder strength they expected.  Even worse, some people continue to experience pain and suffering long after their surgery.

But what’s even crazier is that these same people actually contemplate going through another surgery, even when the first one fails!

While I do empathize with individuals who suffer from a torn rotator cuff, as the pain and discomfort can be quite challenging to deal with, you would think that a second round of surgery would be a complete shot in the dark.

Many shoulder and rotator cuff surgeons will tell you that even if a rotator cuff repair is unsuccessful, if you tear it again, there is little hope and chance of repairing it again.  Your second time around, the surgeon may choose to cut the frayed edges of the damaged rotator cuff tendon where it attaches one of the four rotator cuff  muscles to your shoulder, and then remove your built up scar tissue.

But surprisingly the success rate on a second rotator cuff repair with surgery is much higher! The majority of “second timers” report more strength, increased flexibility and a decrease in overall should pain post surgery.

Other options to consider when your rotator cuff repair fails are shoulder fusion surgery or joint replacement surgery.

Shoulder fusion surgery is another type of surgery that Doctors can recommend when your rotator cuff repair surgery fails. Also referred to as Arthrodesis in the medical community, is an operation where your upper arm bone is surgically fused to your shoulder socket.

One disadvantage of shoulder fusion surgery is that it severely decreases your shoulder’s range of motion but the upside is that you will not experience any more shoulder pain.

Your other option is your rotator cuff repair has failed is joint replacement surgery.  This type of surgery is definitely more invasive.  The surgeon will replace your shoulder’s ball and socket joint with plastic and metal materials.

This type of surgery is highly recommended to individuals who have worn out the cartilage between your humerus bone and acromion.  This occurs from many years of performing repetitive shoulder and overhead arm actions that cause the cartilage to break down to where you have bone on bone rubbing which causes your shoulder pain.

So what if you don’t want to undergo rotator cuff surgery or chance that the repair will fail?  What are your options for recovery from your torn rotator cuff?

Rotator cuff home treatment is worth checking out!  Even better, no expensive Doctor visits, no medical gimmicks or gadgets and definitely no special exercise equipment required!

And the best part, you’ll be repairing, healing and strengthening your rotator cuff sitting in the comfort of your own home using simple techniques that a Grade 1 student could follow and implement without confusion.

Check out the video on the next page that reveals this easy at home treatment method!

rotator cuff repair fails

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