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Rotator Cuff Training Ultimate Kit

November 2, 2010 by  
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When you first discover you have a torn rotator cuff, all you really want to do is get rid of the pain and repair your injury in the shortest possible time.  It’s even a more urgent situation if you are a competitive athlete who can’t afford to take time off because of a shoulder injury.  That’s why you really need the ultimate rotator cuff training program to get you back to your favorite sports and activities without having to sit on the sidelines.

So how do you find the best treatment for a rotator cuff injury?  How should the program be laid out and delivered?  Is a rotator cuff injury something that you can treat and recover from in the comfort and convenience of your own home?

I always advise any clients of mine that before starting any exercise program, you should consult your doctor.

Only a professional medical doctor can truly give you a proper diagnosis of what type of shoulder problem or injury you have. Other symptoms to be concerned with are acute weakness and pain in your shoulder, or lack of mobility or range of motion that threatens your daily activities and routine.

The exercises and ultimate rotator cuff training techniques offered in the Rotator Cuff Recovery Kit are not to be used instead of getting proper medical advice, but should be used as a complimentary tool to help strengthen and rehab your current shoulder injury. Even if you have strong shoulders, the over 40 specific rotator cuff exercises in the Rotator Cuff Recovery Kit DVD will only help them get stronger and help prevent future injury and damage.

The set of 4 rotator cuff muscles are small and are meant to make the shoulder work effectively and to help avoid injuries. The key is to use light weight when performing exercises and if you use a lot of weight on these muscles you can make your condition worse.

Stick too low weight and high repetition to keep the rotator cuff muscles challenged and performing correctly. The rotator cuff muscles are not muscles that you can “pump up” like your biceps or chest muscles.  Rotator cuff muscles are used for functional movements and not for show!

Here are the 4 best ultimate rotator cuff training tips:

  • Always warm up and increase the blood flow to your shoulder muscles before activity.
  • Be particularly careful with throwing, as it is a particularly stressful movement for the shoulder.  Don’t start out throwing a ball 60 yards, start out 10 yards and progress further away from there.
  • Performing high repetitions, low weight exercises and gradually building up to more weight will help strengthen your shoulders gradually overtime. The key here is gradually overtime.
  • Avoid all shoulder exercises that cause pain and discomfort.

Now if you are serious about curing your rotator cuff injury for good and returning to your favorite activities and sports as soon as possible, you don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars of your hard earned cash on doctor and physiotherapy sessions.  You don’t have to keep popping anti-inflammatory pills on a daily basis that only masks your shoulder pain.  Never, ever think about taking cortisone injections for rotator cuff injury, they can actually make your condition even worse! You don’t have to worry about the knife wielding surgeon who wants to perform rotator cuff surgery.

All it really takes to completely recover from a rotator cuff injury are 4 simple, step-by-step techniques that you can do from the comfort and convenience of your own living room without any special exercise equipment or gadgets for the ultimate in rotator cuff training!  Simply click on the button below to discover how!

rotator cuff ultimate training

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