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Rotator Cuff Workout

June 4, 2011 by  
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rotator cuff workoutOf the many repetitive strain injuries that you can suffer from, a rotator cuff injury is the most common that affects the shoulder.  As you age, so does your chance of suffering a shoulder injury , especially men over the age of 65 or if you regularly participate in sports or activities that involve shoulder rotation.

If you want to prevent a shoulder injury from having you sit on the sidelines or stop you from participating in your favorite sport or activity, then you should implement a proven rotator cuff workout.  This will help strengthen the rotator cuff muscles so you have strong and healthy shoulder muscles.

For the 20 years that I’ve spent in fitness centers and working one on one with clients, one of the most ignored types of workouts is for the rotator cuff.  Hence the reason why so many individuals suffer from rotator cuff weakness. But the most common type of reported injury to the shoulder is a rotator cuff injury – no surprise.

Did you know that the number one, most dangerous exercise in the gym that causes rotator cuff injuries is the bench press.  Simple because the majority of people do it wrong.   You can read more about the rotator cuff bench press to learn how to perform it correctly and why it is responsible for so many shoulder injuries.

Many people simply ignore the rotator cuff until their should pain gets so worse that it prevents them from working out, or it interferes with their work performance or they can no longer perform basic daily tasks without the reliance on others for help.  For some people, their rotator cuff injury gets so bad that it prevents them from getting a good nights sleep as they wake in the middle of night with excrutiating pain and discomfort.

So what’s the secrets to an effective workout that will help strengthen your rotator cuff?  Well actually, it’s much more simple than you think!

You don’t need to lift heavy weights or use bulky exercise equipment.  In fact, to start out – all you need to know are the movements as gravity alone is enough to engage and provide resistance to the four rotator cuff muscles for an effective workout.

So what are these rotator cuff exercises and movements?

The first exercise is called the External Rotation from the Side Lying Position.

  1. Lie on the unaffected side of your body with your head supported by your hand.
  2. Put a pillow or towel roll between your torso and the affected arm
  3. Keep your elbow bent and your arm tightly to your side
  4. Lift your arm in an external rotation, lower it and repeat
  5. Do 2 sets of 15 repetitions

Next exercise to give your rotator cuff a great workout is called the Shoulder Extension with External Rotation

  1. Lie facedown on table or stability ball, with arms hanging down perpendicular to your body
  2. Raise your arms backward, your palms will be facing the floor
  3. Lift your arms to body level and hold for a moment
  4. In a controlled movement, return your arms to the original position.
  5. Perform 2 sets of 15 repetitions

Third and final exercise that will put your rotator cuff muscles to work is called Horizontal Abduction from Prone Position

  1. Lie facedown on a table, with the affected arm hanging downward, holding a dumbbell or water bottle
  2. Slowly raise your arm until it is level with your body or as far up as possible.
  3. Hold the position a moment and in a controlled movement, slowly return your arm to the original position
  4. Do 2 sets of 15 repetition

Remember when you perform theses exercises, keep a slow controlled movement throughout.  It’s not about how fast or how much weight you can do.  It’s all about targeting the rotator cuff muscles to help strengthen them to prevent injury or help recover from a torn rotator cuff.

If you are looking to dramatically accelerate your healing time from a rotator cuff injury or are looking for a more comprehensive workout, over 170 Pics and Videos and recovery methods that you can do from the comfort of your own living room without any special exercise equipment, simply click the Learn More button below and let us show you just how easy it is!

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