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Rotator Cuff Range of Motion Exercises

March 23, 2012 by  
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rotator-cuff-range-of-motion-exercises The answer to all and any sort of repetitive strain injury is to first avoid the activities that aggravate your injury and secondly start implementing exercises that will help strengthen your injured tendons and muscles.

There is no need to join a fitness club or become a member of gym to start with these exercises.  If you have a damaged rotator cuff, then rotator cuff range of motion exercises are a perfect way to get started that are safe to do and will not make your injury worse.

Range of motion exercises are meant to improve the blood flow to your shoulder region, accelerate healing and to improve your shoulder’s range of motion.

The reason why range of motion exercises are so effective is that they incorporate the use of high repetition counts(usually at least 15 reps) where as with stretching you need to hold the stretch.  Sometime people stretch to far which can cause more damage to the affected area.

Performing these types of exercises for rotator cuff tendonitis in the standing position will not only improve your shoulder’s strength but it will work your core as well.

The only thing required to perform range of motion exercises to strengthen your rotator cuff is a dowel, yardstick, hockey stick or broomstick.

When you first start out with these exercises, please remember not to do any exercise that increases your shoulder pain. It is normal to feel a little tightness or pulling but they shoulder not be painful.

In the beginning, it’s important to get the proper form and motion down pat.  So you should start out slowly and conservatively then progress as you become more used to the activity.  As you continue with these exercises, you will undoubtedly see an increase in your shoulder strength and an improvement in your shoulder’s range of motion, not to mention a considerable decrease in shoulder pain.

Therefore, you can add weights to the end of your stick to help improve overall rotator cuff muscle strength.  The added weight will also provide more resistance for the strengthening phase.

If you are looking for the best rotator cuff range of motion exercises, click on the red Learn More button where you will get over 40 of these exercises to help repair your torn rotator cuff fast – from the comfort of home!

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