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Rotator Cuff Protocol

September 23, 2011 by  
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rotator cuff protocolMany people who suffer from a rotator cuff injury are simply looking to find an effective rotator cuff protocol to follow that will give them the pain relief they so desperately seek.

Before you look for the best rotator cuff repair, you should know that any type of shoulder problem can often lead to a decrease in use and a reduction in the range of motion. As a result, everyday activities become very difficult to perform and place restrictions on our daily life.   The following conditions can produce difficulties in your range of motion: arthritis, bursitis, impingement, frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis, rotator cuff pain or injury.

Your rotator cuff injury and shoulder pain impacts your range of motion because it prevents the movement of the shoulder. Stiffness also affects range of motion, but usually stiffness comes as a result of avoiding certain movements due to pain and discomfort.

It’s simply common sense that people avoid positions that cause pain. The pain and inflammation causes stiffness because the connective tissue does not receive the lengthening it normally does through normal activity.  Overtime, this can lead to muscle and tendon degeneration which can be extremely challenging to recover from without some form of protocol and treatment.

The goal of an effective rotator cuff protocol is to:

  1. Prevent the rotator cuff tear from getting worse
  2. Increase and restore “normal” range of motion
  3. Increase overall shoulder strength and stability
  4. Get back to functional activities and movements
  5. Go on with your normal day, tasks, sports or hobbies without shoulder pain

If you think you need a doctor or physical therapist to recover from your rotator cuff injury, you’d be mistaken.

Many of the movements, stretches and exercises can be performed using simple household items such as a water bottle, balloon and broomstick.  The key is to use these items as effective tools to help increase your range of motion and strength.

When you start out with your protocol, you don’t need heavy weights or dumbbells.  In fact, just going through the motions will do wonders to help decrease your shoulder pain and improve your range of motion.

What many medical professionals will not reveal or ever tell you is that there are basically only 4 moves that you NEED to do in order to fully strengthen your torn rotator cuff.  And they are so easy to do that a 6th grader could do them without confusion.

I bet you’ve never heard that before!

Well it get’s even better!  Go ahead and click on the button below and I’ll show you these 4 simple steps which is proven to be the most effective rotator cuff protocol!  And the best part, you can get started right and do them right now in the chair you are sitting in!

rotator cuff protocol

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