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Rotator Cuff Popping

October 6, 2011 by  
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rotator cuff popping The first thing that most people do when they hear another person’s joint pop is grimace with disapproval or simply tell the person to “stop doing that.” But what if you can’t help it! What if it’s your rotator cuff popping all the time? Is this something you should be concerned about?

First of all, if you are one of those people who’s joints pop all the time, regardless of whether it’s your fingers, knees, or shoulder joint, don’t worry – you are not alone!

Some people’s joints just pop more than others but if you are experiencing pain along with the popping, then there could be something more serious going on.

So what causes the popping noise in your rotator cuff?  Do you also experience some rotator cuff grinding as well?

Popping noise you hear when you rotator your arm, lift your arm out in front of you or out to your side is simply nothing more than nitrogen gas that gets trapped between your shoulder joint.  It’s not your rotator cuff that pops, it’s actually your shoulder joint.

The popping noise is nothing to really worry about but if you also have shoulder pain at night, your shoulder hurts when you lift your arm over your head, you find it challenging to put on your jacket without help from others, or you find it difficult to retrieve your wallet from your pants pocket, then you most likely are suffering from a rotator cuff injury.

A rotator cuff injury can be quite challenging to overcome, simply because it is made up of 4 muscles.  An injury to either one of the four muscles is classified as a rotator cuff tear.  It is the most commonly reported shoulder injury throughout the world.

For many sufferers, they don’t realize that they actually have a rotator cuff injury until it impacts their normal, daily routine.  Simply everyday tasks, sports or activities that they took for granted now cause pain in their shoulder region.

A tell tale sign that you have a rotator cuff injury is shoulder pain that increases as the day goes by.  You may find that sleeping on your affected shoulder is near impossible and it disrupts your sleep and leaves you tired and lethargic in the morning.

Many rotator cuff sufferers think the solution to treating their rotator cuff injury is spending buckets of cash on physical therapy, useless medical gadgets, shoulder wraps or popping anti-inflammatory pills every four hours to kill the pain.

This is so far from the truth!  In fact, what I am about to tell you may shock you!

Your rotator cuff injury and popping noise can be eliminated from the comfort of your own home, without the need of any special exercise equipment or medical gadgets!  In fact all you need to have on hand is a water bottle and a broomstick.

What’s even better is that you really only need to perform 4 simple steps, every other day, from the comfort and convenience of your own home to completely recover from a torn rotator cuff!

If you’ve had enough of your rotator cuff popping and the pain associated with your torn rotator cuff, click on the “Learn More” button below and a short video will teach you these 4 simple steps!

rotator cuff popping

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