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Rotator Cuff Pain

August 15, 2010 by  
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rotator cuff pain For many rotator cuff sufferers, they don’t even realize the full extent of their rotator cuff pain until they perform an action that engages the rotator cuff muscles.  Pain is a signal that tells our body that something is not right and that there is some sort of damage to our muscles, bones, skin, soft tissues or tendons.

Of course everyone has different levels of pain tolerance.  As we get older, we tend to ignore pain until it totally puts us on our butt or we become totally dependent on others.  Your rotator cuff pain was probably minimal to begin with but has progressed to a stage where you really need to do something to address and eliminate your  rotator cuff injury once and for all.

If your rotator cuff pain gets worse when you exercise, it’s important to note that exercise is not just exercise.  Some people exercise and cause more pain than good to their muscles.  The best way to avoid this is to always be asking yourself, “Am I doing this exercise correctly? How is my form? What muscle group am I working?” Instead of trying to impress someone at the gym! Pain while you exercise increases your risk for inflammation and muscle/tendon tears. Even though you make think you have strong and solid shoulders, you should know that the rotator cuff and the shoulder joint are easily injured by lifting weight that is too heavy or by performing too may repetitions.

Regardless of whether you are suffering from a rotator cuff injury or foot problem, you should always use pain as an indicator of what is going on with your body.  If something causes you pain, stop doing it.  Small pains usually progress into larger pains which can unfortunately sometimes lead to a permanent disability, and you don’t want that!

Throughout your daily schedule, your shoulders are constantly under strain and pressure simply because of the way they move.  It has been reported in many medical journals and publications that as much as 30% of the world’s population will incur a shoulder problem throughout their lifetime.

As we age and over time, the repetitive nature of our daily tasks causes much wear and tear on our joints, tendons, muscles and cartilage.

Arming yourself with knowledge and education on how to properly take care of your body is always the best line of defense.  This will help decrease your chance of injury but more importantly help you recover much faster if injury does occur and in your case, how to fully repair and strengthen your rotator cuff injury.

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