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Rotator Cuff Bursitis

November 16, 2011 by  
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rotator cuff bursitis Rotator cuff injuries are the second most reported injury each year.  Each and every day your shoulders are constantly under strain and pressure without you even realizing it.

Another common shoulder injury is bursitis.  It’s important to note that shoulder bursitis is not the same as a rotator cuff injury,  rotator cuff impingement or frozen shoulder.

There are many bursa sacs strategically located throughout your body near many of your joints.

As with any bursa sac of the body, this area often is the first to get inflamed and most often gets diagnosed as bursitis of the shoulder.  However, it’s this soft tissue layer which forms a protective area between the rotator cuff and the deltoid muscle and acromion.

Bursitis is mostly caused by frequent extension of the arm at a high velocity, for example, hanging wall paper or drapes, washing windows or even painting a wall with your arms extended overhead for long periods of time.

A rotator cuff injury on the other hand is more commonly found and likely to occur in the sports arena.

Regardless of age, if you are quite active in the following sports that require constant over your head movements:

  • Swimming
  • Weight lifting
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Volleyball
  • Gymnastics
  • Tennis and other racquet sports

Then you risk of developing a rotator cuff injury increases significantly.

As you age, it seems that men over the age of 65 are also at higher risk of developing rotator cuff problems simply because of degeneration, bone spurs and other age related issues such as trying to keep up with younger competitors.

A bout of shoulder bursitis usually takes anywhere from 3-6 days to fully clear, granted that you avoid the activities that caused the bursa inflammation in the first place.  Only for more severe shoulder bursitis where infection has set it, is doctor intervention required.

For a rotator cuff injury, once it has been professionally diagnosed by a doctor, you can start your road to recovery right away!  The best part about it, is that you don’t have to book sessions with a physical therapist or massage therapist to recover.  In fact, all it takes to completely recover from a rotator cuff and shoulder bursitis, is 4 simple, step-by-step rotator cuff exercises and techniques that you can do from home, watching your favorite TV show!

If you’ve had enough of your shoulder pain and want to recover fast, click on the Learn More button below where a video will reveal these 4 simple, at-home, shoulder pain erasing techniques!

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