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Plyometric Exercises for Strengthening Rotator Cuff

March 30, 2012 by  
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Plyometric exercises are advanced exercises used for the final stages of strengthening the shoulder in rehabilitation.  It is also used for sport-specific conditioning, especially for athletes.

Plyometics is a form of exercise that involves the quick stretching, then contracting of muscle from an eccentric muscle action to a concentric muscle action.

Several researchers have found this to increase muscle force production.

There are specific range of motion exercises for rotator cuff that you can also try.  The following  is the best plyometric exercises that you can do to help strengthen your rotator cuff and shoulder.  This should be the last rotator cuff exercise that you should finish up with.

90-90 Ball Release and Catch Exercise


- Lie facedown on a table or bed, with your arm over the edge

- Abduct your shoulder 90° from body and bend your elbow 90°

- Start with a light ball or in this case an apple, but work up to a heavier ball, ie: baseball, pool ball

- Keep your forearm parallel to the floor and release the ball

- Quickly catch the ball before it drops more than a short distance

- Return your forearm to the starting position

- Do 15 repetitions

Word of Caution: This exercise is intended primarily for throwing athletes. If you are not familiar with the 90/90 overheard throwing position, then this exercise is to be avoided or used extremely cautiously.

It can be made easier by using a soft squeezable ball, instead of a weighted ball.

The use of plyometric exercises like the one above is very effective for not only shoulder strengthening but for speed performance and hand-eye coordination.

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