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Lying Flexion Exercise for Injured Rotator Cuff

January 2, 2012 by  
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If you’ve recently suffered a rotator cuff injury, range of motion exercises can help accelerate and increase blood flow to your injured muscles, speed healing and help to increase the motion in the affected joint.

Typically, exercises involving the use of a broomstick involve incorporating high repetition counts without the use of added weight for resistance. If you perform the lying flexion exercise while you are standing, it will increase shoulder strength.

Exercises performed with the use of a broomstick can be very effective for increasing range of motion in shoulder injury patients, especially for rotator cuff sufferers. You will need a 3 to 4 foot lightweight broomstick, broomstick, yardstick or cane to perform this easy at home flexion exercise.

It’s important that you refrain from performing any exercise that causes your shoulder pain to get worse. You may want to start out slowly and conservatively then progress as you become more used to the activity. As you become much stronger, you may attach extra weight to the broomstick (only recommended for high impact athletes). You can add weight one pound at a time as you can tolerate it. The weight will give added resistance for strengthening, and may be more helpful with end of range stretches with supine overhead range of motion and stretches.

Here’s a video on how to perform the Lying Flexion Exercise for your Injured Rotator Cuff

Don’t get discouraged if your doctor fails to give you advice on how to treat your rotator cuff injury. ┬áThe reason being is that the majority of GP’s are not specialized in the treatment of repetitive strain injuries. ┬áBut the good news is that all repetitive strain injures are treatable, and even better – you can recover and heal them from home.

If you have a broomstick, a water bottle and a comfortable chair, you too can cure your rotator cuff injury at home using 4 simple steps.

Watch the video on the next page, where you will learn these four steps and discover how simple and effective this home program can be!

lying flexion exercise for rotator cuff

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