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iPad Shoulder Pain

February 14, 2012 by  
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ipad shoulder painWe all love new gadgets!  With the invention of these gadgets and technologies, our health and well being is usually a second thought as we want to spend time enjoying our “new toy”.

A fairly new gadget that has taken the world by storm is the iPad.  But it has created a new medical condition referred to as iPad shoulder.  Now the iPad itself is not directly responsible for this injury, it is more about how the end user interacts and sits while using the device.

Now I shouldn’t just single out the iPad here as just as many people who use any other tablet device are too complaining about shoulder pain.  The direct cause of this shoulder stiffness and pain has to do with the way you hold your device.

When you sit in front of a Laptop or Desktop computer, you sit in an upright, solid posture position.  Whereas when you sit and hold an iPad or tablet device, you are more in a flexed position or posture.

As you hold your tablet device in your lap, the angle at which you bend/flex your head and neck is greater than if you were viewing a Laptop or Desktop computer.  As a result of this increased angle of your neck, this puts strain and pressure on your shoulders.

So what is a simple fix to stop your shoulder stiffness, pain and discomfort while viewing our iPad or tablet?

Get your device up off your lap and onto a higher surface!  This will immediately force your head and neck upwards, take stress and pain away from your shoulders plus improve your posture all at the same time.

It’s best to put your iPad or tablet up on a table and tilt up off the flat surface of the table.  The standard iPad cover allows you to angle your device which lifts your head and neck for better and more relaxed viewing.  I recommend you purchase some sort of cover or stand so that you are able to use and view your tablet device in a more vertical angle.

Long term use of viewing your iPad or tablet while it is placed in your lap can lead to one of the more common shoulder injuries, a rotator cuff injury.

If you are experiencing shoulder pain at night, you find it difficult to reach behind your back to retrieve your wallet from you pants pocket, need help putting on your coat or jacket, or have noticed a decrease in the normal range of motion and flexibility of your shoulder – then you may very well have a rotator cuff injury.

My best advice is to click on the button below to learn more about your rotator cuff injury and shoulder pain but more importantly, Discover 4 steps to completely eliminate your iPad shoulder pain right now at home!

ipad pain shoulder

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