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How to Take Care of Your Torn Rotator Cuff

June 13, 2012 by  
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Believe it or not there are simple things you can for easy rotator cuff care without quitting your job or avoiding activity all together.

Staying active with your normal everyday activities will actual help you recover faster as opposed to staying home and “babying” your shoulder.  Keep in mind that if your job involves lifting or reaching for items overhead, then you may have to search out ways to modify it.  Perhaps using a ladder or forklift to retrieve items on high shelves could be one solution.

If you sit at a computer workstation for 8 hours a day, you may need to modify your chair, sitting position or screen height to take stress or tension off your shoulders.

Here are a couple of rotator cuff guidelines and rotator cuff care tips to keep in mind as you try to recover from this stubborn shoulder injury:

  1. Change the way you do things instead of stopping them altogether.
  2. Don’t sit in one position too long as your shoulder is more likely to stiffen up.
  3. Be sure to take short mini breaks throughout your day especially if your job involves repetitive tasks.
  4. Only move your shoulder in the pain-free range and don’t try to stretch or force it to the point where you experience pain and discomfort.

One of the more challenging tasks when trying to care for your torn rotator cuff, is putting on your coat or shirt without the assistance of others.  Here’s how to do it pain free.

Put your bad shoulder in the sleeve first.  Then with your good shoulder/arm, place your shirt overhead or coat around your body.  You may have to twist your body a little to get the job done.

For those who have a hard time sleeping with a torn rotator cuff, try sleeping with a pillow under your injured shoulder.

Putting on a seat belt can also be a challenging task.  Use two hands instead of one when you reach back to grab the seat belt.  You may have to twist your body a little.

So there are some helpful tips when caring for your rotator cuff injury.  But what about a full recovery?

You can repair and heal your torn rotator cuff using 4 simple steps from the comfort of home without the need for Doctors, drugs, physical therapy or any other sort of medical gadgets or devices.

Click here to watch a short video where you will see how easy these 4 steps are so you can care for your rotator cuff at home.


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