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How to Deal With Your Rotator Cuff Pain

May 21, 2012 by  
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A major problem for many people who suffer from a rotator cuff injury have is knowing how to deal with the pain and actually realizing that they have torn one of their rotator cuff muscles.  If you tell a friend or family member that your shoulder hurts, they’ll most likely say “it’s probably your rotator cuff”.

You should first distinguish between the different types of muscles that make up your rotator cuff before starting treatment.

When you suffer from a torn rotator cuff, you have torn one or more the following muscles:

  1. Subscapularis
  2. Supraspinatus
  3. Infraspinatus
  4. Teres Minor

A small tear or strain on any one of these 4 muscles can cause a whole lot of pain and discomfort in your shoulder region.  One of the problems with dealing with your rotator cuff injury is that your pain increases as the day goes on.

There are many rotator cuff injury causes but of the most common is constantly lifting heavy objects overhead or performing quick arm rotation actions on a daily or weekly basis.

By the time you are ready to go to bed, the pain is really up their on the scale and you can’t get a good nights rest because you are worried you will roll over onto your injured shoulder.

It is fact that rotator cuff injures are the single most common cause of shoulder pain.

Another problem that you have to deal with is trying to cope with the pain as you go about doing your daily chores and tasks and getting them done without being dependent on others for assistance.  When you suffer from a rotator cuff injury, your range of motion is greatly impacted and impaired.  Trying to put or retrieve items on a high shelf or cupboard is near impossible without help from others.

Unfortunately if your rotator cuff pain reaches this stage, it may start affecting your mental health and you can quickly slip into depression and feel useless as your freedom to perform the most basic tasks has been dramatically impacted.

Dealing with your rotator cuff pain does not have to be so difficult, expensive or prevent you from still enjoying your favorite activities, hobbies or daily tasks.  There is an easy, 4 step treatment program that will repair your torn rotator cuff from the comfort of  your own home.

All it takes on your part is a commitment to follow the blueprint formula for proven rotator cuff pain relief, every other day.  And the best part is that you don’t need any special exercise equipment to get started!

How to Get Started Today

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